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Studying at our private school SEK-Catalunya is much more than just going to school. SEK-Catalunya provides all necessary services to foster a balanced environment where students can develop in the classroom and beyond.

Department of Phychopedagogy and Guidance

Produces reports on the progress of students for the guidance of teachers and families. Structured by age group, it puts in place procedures for the detection and diagnosis of learning difficulties. It also, in collaboration with teachers, looks after the progress of students  with high educational abilities.

In compulsory secondary education (ESO) and baccalaureate, this department provides advice to pupils with respect to university and international training options, offering them a wide range of national and international choices.

Medical and Health

Staffed throughout the school day by a nurse, this service takes care of students’ basic health care needs. Our nurse also looks after the coordination of health educational and preventative medicine activities, as well as supervising food allergy and intolerance meal options.

Annual health checks are also carried out, by a doctor.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy.

SEK School Insurance

Optional private insurance whose aim is to guarantee academic, learning and complementary service continuity to our students until the end of their studies at our schools, in case of the death of the insured.

The cover offered by the School Insurance includes school work and activities, half board, school transport, books and school equipment, registration fees, medical insurance and psychotechnical attention.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy.

School Insurance Brochure

School Insurance Enrolment Form

Information Academic Year 2020-21

Below, you will find the protocols that have been drawn up by the SEK Schools Reopening Committee, made up of our medical services, teaching teams, and experts in safety and maintenance, with the aim of ensuring the well-being, learning and health of all members of our Community. Furthermore, SEK is also working on the design of the Future Learning Model, that, starting this academic year, optimises the use of our digital ecosystem and the schools physical spaces, offering personalised learning experiences, through active methodologies that promote meaningful learning and the development of skills.

More information about Future Learning Model and Health and Safety Protocols


We have our own kitchens and prepare meals at the school. Meal planners are provided each term with daily dinner recommendations and nutritional analysis. Special dietary needs are catered for. We have obtained EN ISO 9002 Quality certification.

Healthy food

School Bus

We have around twenty transport route services covering the areas Vallés Oriental, Vallés Occidental, Maresme, Osona and Barcelonés. All the routes are supervised by a school staff member who looks after the students for the entire journey.

Teachers from the School supervise the route. The itineraries and areas served may be modified and widened depending on demand in each school year.


The SEK Uniform has identified and stood our students apart for over 50 years.

The Second Baccalaureate-Diploma students can come with regular clothes instead of the uniform. Students are asked to dress smart casual and follow the principles and values of the school.

School uniform and sports kit

Uniforms are available for purchase on the El Corte Inglés website