Life at SEK-Catalunya

Collaborative environments

At SEK-Catalunya, learning spaces are a catalyst for collective intelligence, designed for the collaboration of students and teachers:

  • Intelligent Classrooms, fitted with the latest technology and all kinds of teaching resources.
  • A whole floor dedicated to science, with laboratories, two specific classrooms, exhibition hall and specialised library.
  • Maker Space: A space where students can create, explore and work on their own creationswith the supervision of the teachers from different areas.
  • Robotics classrooms: students leverage their creativity while they acquire knowledge of programming and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Heppell Classroom or Dream Class: Designed by our Primary students, within the framework of 3rd Millennium Learning Environments, an international project led by the creator of learning environments Stephen Heppell.
  • Specialist librarys for Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.



SEK-Catalunya boasts a fantastic classroom, the forest. Sports activities and a large portion of academic activities take place in Montseny Natural Park.

Constant contact with nature encourages students to know, respect and be aware of the need to conserve biodiversity.

  • The forest is the heart of our outdoor sports activities.
  • It acts as an extension of the classroom.
  • And a meeting point for the development of interdisciplinary activities, where students put into practice their newly acquired abilities and knowledge.



SEK-Catalunya teaches the Conservatori del Liceu Primary Music Programmein collaboration with this prestigious centre.

The Artspace boasts a whole floor, including our music school , with different classrooms for learning instruments and an auditorium.

The same floor features the art classroom, where students work and experiment with the visual arts.


SEK-Catalunya has a full range of sports facilities:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Sports centre with multipurpose court: basketball, indoor football, figure skating, roller hockey and a climbing wall
  • Outdoor pitches and tracks: basketball, racquetball, roller hockey, football, tennis and volleyball
  • Indoor facilities: Taekwondo, ballet, modern dance, fitness and psychomotor skills
  • Forest area for different outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country running, slackline, orienteering races, abseiling, bouldering, zip lines and rope bridges

International student boarding

In September 2018, SEK Catalunya International School will unveil its new international boarding facilities for girls and boys, in which the work of teachers and educators ensures that each student enjoys a unique and original learning experience.

Our boarding facilities are designed for students who want:

  • Academic and personal enrichment
  • Start or expand their international experience with other students and teachers from other countries and cultures
  • Combining studies with sports (Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Outdoor Education Programme, football, swimming ...)
  • Combining their studies with arts education (Music School in partnership with the Conservatorio de Liceo, dramatic art, visual arts ...)
  • Enjoy leisure and sports opportunities offered by the school's surroundings (mountain sports, skiing, water sports, drama, cultural visits, concerts ...)

SEK places individual freedom above all else

1st SEK Convention, 1969

A passion for learning is a passion for life.