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Curriculum Enrichment

SEK-Catalunya provides a full programme of curriculum enrichment activities designed to cater on an individual basis for the personality development, and the characteristics and interests of each and every student:

  • Our students take part in the debates of various model United Nations in a variety of countries and we also have our own, SEKMUN.
  • The Tutorial Action Plan: where tutors meet students and families.
  • Social and Emotional Learning Programme: creative resolution of conflicts by Professor Linda Lantieri (CASEL-Daniel Goleman Institute).
  • SEK-Catalunya music school, linked to Trinity College London.
  • First-rate technology experiences for students to access, from a very early age, technological skills through the Learning by Doing methodology

* Robotics workshop

* Drones

* Arduino programming

* 3D design and printing

* Augmented reality

* Multimedia design

  • The Stage at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston is another experience that is highly valued on students' CVs, specifically designed for those students who wish to study science and technology degrees.
  • Cultural visits and excursions that offer learning opportunities that go beyond being purely academic exercises.
  • Collaboration with associations and organisations such as UNICEF.
  • SEK Business Expo: a business fair and networking day organised by Baccalaureate students.
  • Musicals performed by Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate students: Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Queen, Grease, amongst others.
  • A curriculum enrichment programme in the municipal radio station, La Garriga, in which year 6 Primary students teach English to listeners.